Get Spring Ready with Exterior Cleaning After what seemed like the longest winter, the first thing we think of is getting our outdoor space summer ready. Our wet and cold winters unfortunately make our outdoor spaces somewhat dirty. Our winters are ideal breeding grounds for moss, algae, mould and other organic matter.  This then leaves our patios, driveways and exteriors stained, green and tired looking. 

Fortunately, here at Aqua Clean we offer a number of cleaning methods to get them looking like new again. 

We are able to clean and restore, driveways, patios, render, stone and roofs. We offer a number of cleaning methods and chemicals to give you the best results. 

Making you Love your Exteriors Again – Our Systems

Pressure Washing Service

This is ideal for patios, paths and driveways. Pressure washing uses extremely high pressure to remove stubborn stains such as oil. Although pressure washing is great for stubborn stains it’s not always ideal for delicate areas, where they could actually do more damage than good. 


DOFF Steam Cleaning

Ideal for delicate areas, or areas that would absorb too much water, e.g. stone or wood. The DOFF cleans at high temperature and low pressure, using steam to clean. Using too much water can damage certain surfaces. 

Soft Washing Service 

Ideal for roof cleaning and render cleaning. Using low pressure and chemicals to remove stubborn stains and killing off the growth, with longer lasting results. 

If you would like to speak to us about your exterior cleaning needs, do not hesitate to contact us.