Our Recommended Roof Cleaning Guide

Roof Cleaning Methods

It’s so important to keep your roof clean and free of moss, algae, mould, lichens and other organic matter. Not only does it affect the appearance of the house, it will also help to avoid costly roof repairs. Not cleaning tiles can make
them weak and brittle, causing them to break, thus leading to expensive roof repairs.

This is what a roof would look like before the moss and algae is removed:

How to Remove Moss and Algae

There are two main ways to remove moss and algae from your roof. The first method is by simply scraping the moss off the roof using specialist tools. This moss removal method is simple yet effective and will keep your tiles in good repair.

The second method is a full roof clean. With this method, we not only remove the moss and organic matter, but we would also treat the problem using our biodegradable chemicals.

To remove the moss on a full roof clean, we will not only use our specialist tools, we will also use of DOFF steam cleaner. This system removes moss and organic matter using low pressure and high temperature, killing the matter. We then clean the roof using our safe chemicals. These results will last 4-6 times longer than any other methods.

This is a roof that has been treated with our DOFF system.

If you would like to know more about our roof cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.