Unique Hot Pure Water System is used for optimum results

The Hot water breaks down dirt and grime much more effectively providing our customers with Exceptional Cleaning every time.

Water Fed poles systems have revolutionised the window cleaning industry over the recent years. The system uses 100% pure water which is purified through the on board tank. The water is then heated up through the tank. The hot water is more effective as it softens and absorbs dirt much faster. This is then fed through the poles which can reach heights of up to 60ft. Meaning the operative can remain safely on he ground. Aqua Clean also conduct window cleans using our higher access machines where necessary. Health & Safety is paramount to us, this is why we always conduct a full risk assessment before we conduct any cleans, ensuring your staff and customers remain safe at all times.

10 years industry knowledge

Latest in window cleaning technology

Aqua Clean are highly trained and experienced in all levels of window cleaning. With the latest cleaning technology on board we are able to offer all our customers and exceptional cleaning service. Using the latest in cleaning technology, we can reach heights of up to 60ft from the safety of the ground. The system produces both hot and cold water for optimum cleaning all year round. 


We are fully trained in all aspects of window cleaning

Aqua Clean Services are experienced in all levels of window cleaning offering a range of services to suit your business needs. We offer honest and pro active advice on how and when is best to have the windows cleaned, ensuring you are always getting the best service possible from ourselves.


All aspects of commercial window cleaning covered by trained and insured staff.


Regular cleaning schedules to suit your needs and requirements


Industry Proven as the most effective way to clean your windows.

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